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For Abrasives Wheels industrial, the brief meaning of OEM is the manufacturer produce and supply the abrasives wheels under customers' private labels and trademark. BLUESHARK have rich experiences of OEM service and you can take many advantages of our advanced production-technology, outstanding quality control system and competitive offer, etc.  We know abrasives wheels' consume-style and quality standard in various market due to more than 14 years experiences and comprehensive data base established by ourselves.  

At OEM, BLUESHARK not only supply quality abrasives wheels, but also full-line " Abrasives Solution".  For protect customers' business benefits , we will treat all OEM customers information as TOP business secret. 

BLUESHARK OEM Procedures :

1) Customer provide labels & packing artwork & Certificate of Authorization.  If without labels & packings artwork, ours professional staffs can do the design for you.   

2) We will make samples according to previous communications.
3) Customer confirm the samples.
4) We start mass production and arranger shipping & Logistics.

5) After-sale-service and Quality-Feedback-Tracking  

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BLUESHARK Abrasives Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of quality Abrasives Wheels for the                                         All Products 

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and construction industrial. We don't sell Abrasives Wheels but Abrasives Solutions.                                                                Technology 

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There are a wide range of BLUESHARK products including Cut Off and Grinding Wheels, Abrasives                                       Contact Us 

Flap Discs, Surface Conditioning Abrasives, Sanding Discs and Abrasives Polishing Tools.                                                       Products Video  

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