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Abrasives Wheels Tips

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Q: What is Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheel Composition?

A: The simple technical description is "One kind cutting and grinding tool consisting of different abrasive grains bonded together by resin."  The resin not only make all the abrasive grains bonded together but also allows the mixture grains to be shaped. Reinforced fiber nets mostly necessary to enhance the discs strength and safety performance.

Q: When we say Abrasives Wheels " Hardness" , if talking about the abrasives grain Hardness? And how to choose right "Hardness" Abrasives Wheels?

A:  No.  Normally the Abrasives Wheels " Hardness" means the degree of abrasives bonded together.  That's means a soft grade wheel can be made of the hardest abrasives, and a hard grade wheel can be made of the softest abrasives. The simple ruler is using a hard wheel on soft work-piece and a soft wheel one hard ones.

Q: If I can using those abrasives wheels for Steels working on Stainless Steel ?

A: Many customers asked this question. It's not big problem but we do not recommend.  As different abrasives wheels special made for proper applications, if using those wheels for Steel on Stainless Steel, you can't make max performance of those wheels and may harm your work piece.  

Q: If I can using cutting discs to do grinding works?

A: Never do that and it's very dangerous.  The cutting discs may easy broken during grinding if with improper side-pressures.  We do know cutting and grinding works mostly carry at the same time ,   BLUESHARK " 2 in 1" cutting wheels will provide the solution and save much time which spend on disc-changing.    

Q: How can I choose correct Flap Discs ?

A: Flap Discs are an essential tool for angle grinding applications and can be used in place of both grinding wheels and fiber discs. You can choose right Flap Discs by below steps:

Shape Type
Type 29 ( Conical ) Flap Disc provides an angled shape for max surface contact with work piece for more aggressive stock-removal. Type 27 ( Flat ) Flap Disc with flat shape and can working well for finishing and blending applications.
Materials Type
Aluminum Sanding Paper - Mainly for Steel, Metal
Silicon Carbide Sanding Paper - Glass and Stone
Zirconia Sanding Paper - Stainless Steel , Hard Steel , Carbon Steel, 
Ceramic Alo Sanding Paper - All above and titanium, Very Hard Alloys, Heat-Sensitive Materials.
Grit Size
Normally Flap Discs grit size is 36#,40#,60#,80#,100#,120#.  The later grit size will have more refine grinding & polishing performance 

P: Cutting wheels can't cutting smooth and even blocked

A: Firstly checking if using correct application cutting wheels.  If using the right discs, may need change to "SOFTER" or thinner cutting wheels.  The another solution is using more powerful machines.

P: Cutting wheels consume very quickly
A: If using the right application discs, may need change to " HARDER " ones.  Make sure always moving cutting wheels at vertical direction against work pieces surface. Also can try using more powerful machines and reduce the attach-pressures between the cutting wheels and work-piece. 

P: The cutting wheels metal ring fall off and center-area broken

A: Make sure the cutting wheels fixed properly with right flanges.  At the beignning of cutting, must keep vertical cutting angle and gently swing the wheels forward and backward.  Stop cutting when feel obvious resistance-power.

P: The cutting wheels edge crumbled

A: Be careful and hold power tools tightly when cutting wheels ready attaching work-piece,  stop cutting when feel obvious vibration. Make sure work-piece fixed well with fixing-device. 

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