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BLUESHARK Abrasives OEM Service Program

From:    Published9/8/2013 10:29:58 AM

BLUESHARK Abrasives Co.,Ltd are leading abrasives wheels manufacturer & supplier in ASIA.  

cut off and grinding discs

Ours OEM ( Private Label ) service Program is uniquely designed to offer you the right product with the reasonable price according to the details requiements. From the general purpose to specialized abrasives wheels, from bonded abrasives to coated abrasives, from cutting to polishing applications, BLUESHARK offering the most comprehensive products and solutions .  If you are looking for best business partner in abrasives industrial,  BLUESHARK is the one always be there!

1)What we offer:
*"A to Z" Outstanding & Stable performance abrasives products
*Competitive price system
*ISO certified consistency
*General-Industrial-Professional” product offering 
*Professional "Lables-Packings-ADV" Graphics design supporting
*Dedicated customer service personnel
*Fast Leading time 
*Quality-Tracking and After-Sale-Service system 

2)MOQ (minimum order quantity)  

Abrasives Wheels, Abrasivos,Schleifmittel,materiały ścierne,abrasifs, brusivo,abrasivi

Note: Below MOQ details available on the base of at least 4 pallet with mixed items. The MOQ standard is " Flexible" according to your details order list and welcome contact us sales group for more information.

      * Cut off and Grinding wheels ( hot-pressed or stick labels)
            100~125mm (4/4.5/5" inch) ~ 3000pcs/each labels
            150~230mm (6/7/8/9" inch) ~ 1000pcs/each labels
            250~400mm (10/12/14/16" inch) ~ 500pcs/each labels

      * Flap Discs 
           100~125mm (4/4.5/5" inch) ~ 1000pcs/each labels
           150~180mm ( 6/7" inch ) ~500pcs/each labels

      * Other Coated Abrasives
           5 cartons each label

BLUESHARK gurantee all the delivered quantity will be exactly same like your order details. If some items not exactly match standard box quantity, we may mixed-loading different items in some cartons with stickers show the inner details.

 3)Graphic Design:

Labels Artwork

a)Developed by BLUESHARK according to customers' requirements.

b)All information show in the labels must be approved by BLUESHARK to ensure meet industry standards.

c)Each Label Printing-Plate-Making cost : 35~55usd and is one-time cost.   


* All the products will packaged in BLUESHARK standard packings ( PVC shrink + Inner Box + Out Cartons ) in the blank style, colorful sticker attaching to the inner box and out cartons surface show all the specifications and tech details.

* Customized packings ( such like colorful printing inner box , bubble shell style,etc ) available and the additional cost according to details order quantity and requirements.

4) Promotion Materials

abrasives promotion materials
 * ADV T-shirt - Can be customized in different color, design and size.
 * Promotion & ADV Posters - BLUESHARK can design according to your C.I system.
 * Products Display Stands - Different materials & style available

5) Leading Time: 
*Cut off and Grinding Wheels - within 6 weeks since the order details & graphics materials design confirmation. The subsequent orders will short to 4 weeks leading time.
*Abrasive Flap Discs -  within 4 weeks since the order details & graphics materials design confirmation. The subsequent orders will short to 3 weeks leading time.

6) Why BLUESHARK OEM program
*We do business with "Thankful-Heart" 
*We treasure our customers brands the same like " BLUESHARK"
*We appreciated for customers' trust 
*We are professional 

Now already more than 40 customers enjoy ours OEM service even some famous abrasives brands. 
Just one click, you will really find something.....

>>>> Know more about BLUESHARK outstanding abrasives wheels <<<
>>>> Any question or need more details <<<<

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