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How to measure grinding discs performance?

From:    Published10/5/2013 4:45:04 PM

Blueshark manufacturer full-line resin bonded grinding discs to meet all grinding & polishing requirements. The discs diameter from 50~230.00mm and thickness from 4.00~8.00mm. 

We will carry regular testing of our grinding discs everyday and below is the general way for measure our grinding discs performance:

grinding discs  stainless steel work piece

1) Measure the grinding discs and work-piece weight before testing ( DW1 , WW1 )

grinding wheels

2) Run the grinding discs grind the work-piece in a formulary time.

3) Measure the grinding discs and work-piece weight after testing ( DW2 , WW2 )

grinding discs and wheels

4) Calculate the G.Ratio index.

G.Ratio = (WW1-WW2) / (DW1-DW2)

The G.Ratio more bigger, means the grinding discs can do more grinding works. 

But G.Ratio is not the absolute index when measure the grinding discs  performance, there are also others factors such like grinding speed, hand-feeling, vibration, etc to judge the comprehensive performance of grinding discs. 

For example: A grinding discs can remove 100g work-piece in 10 minutes and itself weight consume 10g, the G.ratio=100g/10g=10,  B grinding discs can remove 200g work-piece in 10 minutes but itself weight consume 25g, the G.weight=200g/25g=8.   If only said G.ratio, seems the A is better than B, but we must see that -the B ginding discs have higher working efficence and will save your working time and labor cost. 

We can adjust our grinding discs be most suitable for your grinding applications according to customers' feedback. Just Contact us get your best grinding solution.    

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