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KX 663 sanding rolls for produce abrasives flap disc

From:    Published10/28/2014 11:08:49 PM

Blueshark Abrasives manufacturer abrasives flap discs with different sanding rolls to meet various grinding application. 

The  KX 663 sanding rolls ideal for produce flap discs due to poly cotton backings supply flexible performance.  Also the close coated zirconium oxide support continual high cutting performance.  The flap discs made by KX 663 zirconium rolls really high performance with competitive abrasives cost ! 

sanding rolls

Backing & Structure:  X-wt Poly cotton , close coated

Grain: Zirconium oxide

Bond: R/R                             Available grit size : 36/40/60/80/100/120#

Main Advantages:  Heavy stock removal ability and high cutting performance in metal , stainless steel workings.

Main Applications:  Steel, Metal , Stainless Steel , Casting & Non-ferrous metal grinding and polishing. 

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