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Metallographic abrasives Cut-off wheels

From:    Published2015/9/12 22:10:43

Blueshark Metallographic abrasives precision Cut-off wheels ~ Non fiber net reinforced , Less smell, less sample burning, more versatile with most competitive cost ~

Metallographic abrasives  Cut-off wheels150x0.5x12.7 cut off wheels

Main size : 

125x0.5x32mm // 125x0.8x32mm // 125x1.0x32mm
150x0.5x32mm // 150x0.8x32mm // 150x1.0x32mm
180x0.5x32mm // 180x1.0x32mm // 180x1.5x32mm
250x0.8x32mm // 250x1.0x32mm // 230x1.5x32mm

The arbor hole diameter can be customized such like 1/2" , 1" , 1-/4" .etc inch ! We also can screen printing customers' LOGO and MAX Rpm.etc information on the discs body , packing style customized upon to details request ~

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