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Ceramic Flap Discs

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BLUESHARK innovative Ceramic Flap Disc    is your best choice when grinding stainless steel, titanium, inconel, and other hard metals.The ceramic flap discs using life much longer with " Super-Cooling" grinding ability due to the ceramic grains has a self-sharpening formula.Continuous regeneration of new grain cutting edges over the whole grinding time guarantees consistent surface roughness.


1) APPLICATIONS: Ideal for hard steels including stainless steel. Use for weld blending, light-medium grinding and surface cleaning. High powered angle grinders recommended.

*Extremely high, specific stock removal rate
*Consistent surface roughness
*Very aggressive with less pressure needed
*Fewer disc changes required due to long life
*Super cooling grinding protect work-piece well



 Ceramic Flap DiscsT27-FLAT TYPE                                    Flat Type Flap Disc

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                  

27CA11522              115x22.2          G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

27CA12522              125x22.2          G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

27CA15022              150x22.2          G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

27CA18022              180x22.2          G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs            



 Ceramic Flap DiscsT29-CONICAL TYPE                            Conical Type Flap Disc

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                   

29CA11522              115x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

29CA12522              125x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

29CA15022              150x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

29CA18022              180x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs            



a) BLUESHARK produce flap discs with different backing plate:

*Fiberglass backing plate - Most popular and it's can reduce vibration and is consumed together with the flaps. High strenghth with light weight.
*Plastic backing plate- With very nice lookings and is trimmable to increasing service life. The ABS plastic backing with very high strength and supply mas safe working performance.
*Nylon - Very familiar with plastic backings but with more light weight.
*Metal HUBS: provides extra high strength and rigid support as needed and normally using for heavy task . Also it can be recycled. 

b) 100% Germany original ceramic abrasives materials. 

c) Grit size recommendation

    40#--Aluminum ,Unalloyed and low-alloy steels,low-strength stainless steel

    60#--High-alloy,stainless steel,high-temperature and heat-treated steels

    80#--High-temperature alloys

   120#--For especially smooth steel finishes(refine polishing)    

d) Best working angles


Grinding     (15~30')                          finishing workings     (0~15')

For best performance , keep 15~30' when grinding and 0~15' while polishing & finishing.    

e) If using flap discs replace fiber discs workings, you should choose one grade coarse grit size. Such like you should using 80# flap discs if 

normally using 60# fiber discs.  

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