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FAQ about BLUESHARK business conditions 
FAQ about BLUESHARK Abrasives Wheels Safety
FAQ about OEM service conditions

Q: I want to try your abrasives wheels, how can I got some samples?
A: Just tell us your contact and samples request details , free samples available in reasonable quantity according to your details inquiry. For new customers, please forwarder your courier No and we will dispatch samples using your courier account No by " fees collect" and will return the delivery cost in your first order.

Q: If BLUESHARK supply different quality level abrasives wheels ?

A: Yes. We manufacturer different quality level abrasives wheels to meet various using requirements. We have D.I.Y , Industrial and Professional quality level and trust you will find most suitable abrasives solution here. Welcome Contact us for more details.


Q: If you sell with discount if quantity is big ? 

A: Yes, special discount available if the purchasing quantity is big and welcome contact us for more details. 

Q: If you also supply retail service? 

A: Sorry...... we are manufacturer and didn't provide retail service now.  We will launch B2C sales mode in future and please follow us "Blog" webpage.

Q: What is your MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity )?

A: Ours MOQ for sea freight delivery is one pallet with mixed items. Normally one pallet can loading around 40~50 cartons BLUESHARK Abrasives Wheels. 

Q: If I can using "BEEHIVE" line superthin cutting wheels cut off Aluminum?

A: Yes..... BLUESHARK " BEEHIVE" line All-in-One superthin cutting wheels using innovative mixed ceramic abrasives and can cut off many materials well such like Steel, Metal ,IRON, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Copper.etc. 


Q:  If all the BLUESHARK abrasives wheels are 100% safe ? 

A:  All of our abrasives wheels strictly follow MPA and A.N.S.I standard. But abrasives wheels will be dangerous if under improperly using. For this reason, we recommend any user carefully read below information:

     * Wear protective safety equipment especially when carry heavy-task cutting and grinding works. 
     * Check abrasives wheels carefully for cracks or damages before mounting especially the edges area. Do not using any imperfect abrasives wheels  
     * Check the max speed of abrasives wheels against machine speeds before working.
     * Run the abrasives wheel in a protected area at least one minute before working.  
     * Do not use excessive pressure when mounting wheels between flanges. This is very important for avoid abrasives wheels vibration.  

     * Do not use excessive side - pressures on any flat cutting wheel.  This is very dangerous and easy make the discs broken. 

Q: What should I do if have some accidents when using BLUESHARK abrasives wheels?
A: Any abrasives wheels user may faced this problem and properly reaction can effectual reduce the damages.

      * Stop the power tools or machines firstly. 
      * Everyone around should self-checking if any body injury and call medical service if needed. 
      * Be careful treat those abrasives grain may entered into eyes and skin. Pure water can be used for immediate treatment. 
      * Carefully cover the injury-area with a sterile gauze dressing until you got urgent care facility, the doctor’s office or a hospital.
      * Take photos of the broken abrasives wheels and work-pieces. Provide us all relative-details and photos.

      * We will analyse all information and finally present details report & solution.

Q: What means Abrasives Wheels OEM Service?

A: The OEM is the abbreviation of the English - Original Equipment Manufacturer. For Abrasives Wheels industrial, the brief meaning is the manufacturer produce and supply the abrasives discs under customers' private labels and trademark.

Q: Is there are any difference if I place BLUESHARK or OEM order ? 

A: No matter you buy BLUESHARK or your brand, the same quality and price level. The only difference is the MOQ and Payment Term. Also OEM orders need little longer leading time.

Q: What is your OEM order MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity)?

A: Ours standard for OEM order is at least 4 pallets mixed item ( around 200 cartons). The MOQ standard is " Flexible" according to your details order list. Welcome contact us sales group for more information.

Q: As OEM means selling in our brand, how can I trust BLUESHARK can supply quality without damage ours brand image? 

A: We have well-equipped R&D team, advanced production technology and professional service attitude. The most important is we do business with "Thankful-Heart" and each piece Abrasives Wheels made by our painstaking efforts. We do know the best business cooperation mode is we grow up together. All the quality you see from the samples also the one you will see from the mass-productions.  

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