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Center Depressed Cutting Disc
Center Depressed Cutting Disc

Center Depressed Cutting Disc

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BLUESHARK manufacturer various applications T42 center depressed cut off wheels performs on a wide range of metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous,stone, marble,etc. The wheels used on angle grinder with excellent fast cutting performance and long using life.  

All the BLUESHARK center depressed cut off wheels externally reinforced by two quality reinforce net and max safety performance even during tough applications. 


Use on angle grinder tools for general-purpose cut off and light grinding of metal ,steel, stainless steel, marble,stone, etc.

*Fast cutting with less pressures
*Burr-Free cut off performance 

*Two reinforce Net provide max safety and unsurpassed performance

*Best balance-point between sharp cutting ability and long using life

*Different making system meet various using requirements.  


Center Depressed Cutting Disc   FOR STEEL & METAL                                                                               

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX      

42A1003016                 100x3.0x16           2 Net               15300               T-42            50PCS 

42A1153022                115x3.0x22.2         2 Net               13300               T-42            50PCS

42A1253022                125x3.0x22.2         2 Net               12250               T-42            50PCS

42A1503022                150x3.0x22.2         2 Net               10200               T-42            25PCS

42A1803022                180x3.0x22.2         2 Net                8500                T-42            25PCS

42A2303022                230x3.0x22.2         2 Net                6650                T-42            25PCS


Center Depressed Cut off wheels     FOR STAINLESS STEEL & INOX                                                                  

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX      

42AA1003016                 100x3.0x16           2 Net               15300               T-42            50PCS 

42AA1153022                115x3.0x22.2         2 Net               13300               T-42            50PCS

42AA1253022                125x3.0x22.2         2 Net               12250               T-42            50PCS

42AA1503022                150x3.0x22.2         2 Net               10200               T-42            25PCS

42AA1803022                180x3.0x22.2         2 Net                8500                T-42            25PCS

42AA2303022                230x3.0x22.2         2 Net                6650                T-42            25PCS


Center Depressed Cut off disc   FOR STONE & MARBLE                                                                              

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX      

42C1003016                  100x3.0x16           2 Net               15300               T-42            50PCS 

42C1153022                 115x3.0x22.2         2 Net               13300               T-42            50PCS

42C1253022                 125x3.0x22.2         2 Net               12250               T-42            50PCS

42C1503022                 150x3.0x22.2         2 Net               10200               T-42            25PCS

42C1803022                 180x3.0x22.2         2 Net                8500                T-42            25PCS

42C2303022                 230x3.0x22.2         2 Net                6650                T-42            25PCS



a)Two style available :

1. Full-cover labels with paper coated on both sides - Mainly in EURO, Latin-America, Middle East and Africa market.

2. Small labels & without paper coated-  Mainly in ASIA market.

b)The center depressed cut off wheels only permit do narrow surface light-grinding.  

   Never used for grinding on an angle or big surface.!!!

 c) How tMounting Depressed-centre Wheels

Center depressed wheels mounting

1. When the adaptor has been tightened, there should be a slight clearance between the flange and the wheel at (A). This ensures that clamping pressure is exerted only at the centre of the hub section.
2. The outer part of the face of the flange adjacent to the wheel should be tapered as above and this allows the full width of the flange to support the wheel during the grinding operation.
3. A paper washer should not be used on the hub section of a depressed-centre wheel.

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