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Quick Change Nonwoven Discs
Quick Change Nonwoven Discs

Quick Change Nonwoven Discs

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BLUESHARK Quick-change Surface Conditioning (Nonwoven) Discs  are excellent for a large verity of deburring, blending and finishing applications. The abrasive grain is evenly coated over nylon fibers to ensure a consistent finishing performance.

Color &  Hardness System:
*BROWN color = COARSE for heavy deburring & Polishing Works
*RED  color = Medieum for general Polishing Works

*BLUE  color = Refine for high surface requirements Polishing Works

*Deburring, blending and cleaning various metal surfaces.
*Clean and blend marks from coated abrasives. 
*Remove paints and deburring milled surface.
*Removing flash and parting lines,scratches and weld discoloration.
*Blendding weld seams and deburring edges. 

*Flexible construction ideal for various shape surfaces.
*Quick-Change system save your time
*Discs open structure resists loading.
*Very short maching times with extra using life

*Excellent self-Sharpness


Quick Change nonwoven discs                                                                                      

                  ORDER NO                    DIAMETER       TYPE        QTY/BOX      

  COARSE        MEDIEUM         REFINE            

 QND50C          QND50M          QND50R              50mm                Type R           10pcs

 QND75C          QND75M          QND75R              75mm                Type R           10pcs


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