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See-Thru Flap Discs
See-Thru Flap Discs

See-Thru Flap Discs

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BLUESHARK See-thru Flap Discs    can make you always see what and where you are grinding for control your workings easy. The special shaped flaps and backings create a see-through area and you can directly see the work-piece situation during processing . It's can avoid over grinding especially when processing expensive work-pieces and help you control everything as you want.

 VSM, NORTON, KLINGSPOR,  etc sanding papers flap discs available according to customers' professional requirements.   


For grinding tasks such as weld seam dressing on planar surface,suitable for duty deburring and beveling work on stainless and high temperature steels, also suitable for deburring and chamfering edges. 


*See-thru special design

*Cool grinding properties prevent thermal damages

*Full-control for your grinding 

*Ideal for high request grinding & polishing projects



see thru flap discs  T27-FLAT TYPE                                                           

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                                

 S27FD11522          115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 S27FD12522          125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs          


see thru flap discs  T29-CONICAL TYPE                                                   

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                              

 S29FD11522              115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 S29FD12522              125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs          



a) Grit size recommendation

    40#--Aluminum ,Unalloyed and low-alloy steels,low-strength stainless steel

    60#--High-alloy,stainless steel,high-temperature and heat-treated steels

    80#--High-temperature alloys

   120#--For especially smooth steel finishes(refine polishing)    

e) Best working angles


Grinding     (15~30')                          finishing workings     (0~15')

For best performance , keep 15~30' when grinding and 0~15' while polishing & finishing.    

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