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Felt Flap Wheels
Felt Flap Wheels

Felt Flap Wheels

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BLUESHARK  Felt Flap Wheels    are specially designed for mirror finishing & polishing requirements. It's different like normal flap wheels and the felts' density can be 0.25g/cm3 to 0.75g/cm3 which provide cooler & flexible polishing performance.


* Polish glass, glass utensils,crystal,marble,jadeware,furniture

* Stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts,big shaped stainless steel crafts surface mirror finishing 

For refine finishing and polishing in Auto industrial


*Good wearability to make polished goods clean and bright even mirror polishing outcome.

*To use with polishing liquid,polishing paste,polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect.

* Can be used by plane and side surface and save your working time.



felt flap wheels

           Mounted Style

Diameter : 80~150mm              Thickness:25~100mm\          Shaft Diameter: 6.00 or 6.35mm

Felt Density Available :  0.25g/cm3 to 0.75g/cm3 or according to details requirements.


Felt Flap Wheels

         Unmounted Style 

Diameter : 150~250mm              Thickness:25~100mm\          Arbor Diameter: 25 or 45mm

Felt Density Available :  0.25g/cm3 to 0.75g/cm3 or according to details requirements.


"Felt" is a textile structure composed entirely of fibres physically interlocked and consolidated by the utilization of mechanical work, chemical action and moisture without the use of weaving, knitting, stitching, thermal bonding or adhesives. It is composed entirely of any one or a combination of new or recycled wool fibres mixed with one or more man-made fibres.

Wool Felt is a remarkable material possibly the oldest textile fabric known to civilized world and is practically used in every industry.Being made of natural fibres, Wool Felt is not only an Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable product, but also referred to as the only solution for various intricate applications.

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