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Unmounted Flap Wheels
Unmounted Flap Wheels

Unmounted Flap Wheels

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BLUESHARK Unmounted Flap Wheels    are designed for using on bench grinder.  Thanks to their flexibility and softness, the flap wheels ideal for fine grinding of flat, concave and convex surfaces. BLUESHARK flap wheels are produced with quality coated abrasives and a high density flaps arrangement resulting in impressive removal rates and extra long service life. 

*Weld remove in fabrication industrial
*Rust, paint, coatings and heat discoloration removal from steel, stainless steel surface.
*Removes flash from automotive castings and molded rubber
*Flexible flaps ideal for any-sharp surfaces. 
*The flaps supply consistent cutting & grinding action.
*From 100 to 350mm diameter meet different work-pieces requirements.

*Multi application such like cleaning, deburring, finishing and polishing,etc.


Unmounted Flap Wheels         D=Diameter       T= Thickness     A=Arbor Diameter                                  
                                    ORDER NO                                                  SIZE                             GRIT                 QTY/BOX          

Aluminum             Silicon Carbide            Zirconia                    DxTxA

UFP1002516A         UFP1002516C         UFP1002516Z            100x25x16mm                 60~320#                  10PCS

UFP1252516A         UFP1252516C         UFP1252516Z            125x25x16mm                 60~320#                  10PCS

UFP1502525A         UFP1502525C         UFP1502525Z            150x25x25mm                 60~320#                  10PCS

UFP1505025A         UFP1505025C         UFP1505025Z            150x50x25mm                 60~320#                    6PCS

UFP2003025A         UFP2003025C         UFP2003025Z            200x30x25mm                 60~320#                    4PCS

UFP2503025A         UFP2503025C         UFP2503025Z            250x30x25mm                 60~320#                    4PCS

UFP3003025A         UFP3003025C         UFP3003025Z            300x30x25mm                 60~320#                    2PCS

UFP3005025A         UFP3005025C         UFP3005025Z            300x30x25mm                 60~320#                    2PCS

UFP3505032A         UFP3505032C         UFP3505032Z            350x50x32mm                 60~320#                    2PCS




        d1=Out Diameter      

        d2=Center Area Diameter     

        d3=Arbor Hole Diameter     B=Thickness

a) Any size according to details requirements, just let us know the above 4 size.

b) How to make best performance:
*Compaer with sanding paper or belts, always select a grit size rougher than one or two level for the unmounted flap wheel .
*Rough grit size at high speeds will be more refine grinding and fine grit size at lower speeds will be more roughly grinding. 
*Do not perform high contact pressure and use a rougher grain size if needed. 

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